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Karnival Kidnap is a game about a young boy named Billy who must save his friends from the circus that has kidnapped them. The player plays through different areas of the carnival trying to find his friends. As the game progresses the carnival moves through different towns, each town has a boss that needs to be defeated for the player to move on. It is a top-down view stealth game, where the player has the choice of fight or flight. The player can either attack enemies or sneak past them, both are ways of achieving their goal.

The game is for the DS and is aimed at ages 8+, although it is aimed at younger players, it is also enjoyable for older players as the game has several difficulties to give them a harder challenge.

Story Edit

In the town of Casterdale, life was dull. It was in the middle of Nowhere and life for children, was dull. Dull, dull, dull. Casterdale was on the very edge of being remote, having a dusty, Western look about it. Eight year old Billy lives in Casterdale and he thought his town was BORING. So when Billy heard that a carnival was coming to town, he got very very excited! The carnival was the most exciting thing to happen to Casterdale in many, many years. So after many months of waiting, the carnival came! Billy was very excited and went the day after they finished setting up with all his friends! After hours upon hours of fun, Billy went into the Big Top tent and was offered lots of candy! Billy ate all candy and fell asleep content. Billy woke up hours later in a cage. Billy and his friends were kidnapped! After a few more hours of being imprisoned, Billy managed to escape by using sticking his gum in the key hole and, because the lock was badly made, it sprang open and Billy ran for safety before he was seen. Back at home, Billy turned on the TV to hear that his friends who went with him were also kidnapped! Billy then vowed to save them

Billy's first task was to get some items from the city to help him rescue his friends. He buys bubblegum and a cheap slingshot. Billy spied a BB Gun while he was in the item store, but it was much too expensive for him to buy.

Once Billy manages to save a couple of his friends he returns to find that the carnival is leaving town, he quickly follows them on his bike. He continues to save more friends as the carnival moves from town to town.

In Applecliff he finds out about the carnival's plan of kidnapping children and turning them into circus freaks and slaves.

After Stonevale, he chases after the carnival again by sneaking his way onto their plane. While on the plane he gets discovered by one of the carnival workers and is knocked out. The next time he is woken up to see that he is on a spaceship. Once he gets off the spaceship on the Moon, he makes his way through a complex to find the Ringleader, who tells him about their plan of world domination.

When Billy defeats the Ringleader, he returns home and is reunited with his parents and friends.


Game Flow Edit

Players beginning the game are shown a series of (skippable) cutscenes showing how Billy came to be where he is. Scenes include Billy being bored on his bed. Billy' seeing a "Carnival Coming!" poster, Billy going to the carnival and having a great time, Billy blacking out and being dragged into a dark room, Billy waking up and Billy breaking out. After the cutscenes are finished, the player assumes control of Billy. The player can move about the town of Casterdale as they please but ultimately, to continue the game and storyline, they must talk to his mother, who is the first person they can talk to and see. The ability to talk is shown by a visual cue of a flashing "A" button to signify the player must press it to assume an action. After speaking to Billy's mother, who tells Billy about other kids being missing, including Billy's friends. Billy thinks he should go to the Carnival. Large signs ensure the player does not get lost around the city, with large signed arrows pointing in the general direction of the Carnival.

After arriving at the carnival, Billy needs to talk to people to figure out what has been happening to the boys. After talking to everyone with a "!" above their heads (these go away once you have talked to the person), Billy goes back to town to get supplies. A few cutscenes are shown again of Billy buying a Slingshot and some Bubblegum. During the cutscene, text is shown to tell the player what each is and what it is used for. The next cutscene shows Billy in front of the looming gates of the carnival.

The player now assume the control of Billy and must guide him through the two Casterdale levels. Once completed, they face the Clown boss.

Once the clown boss is defeated a cutscene of Billy escorting the 2 friends he saved home. He later returns to see that the carnival is leaving town. The player must then chase them down with their bike, they then must play through the caravan level.

There is then a cutscene of Billy being hungry, and the player must obtain apples in Applecliff, there is then a tutorial on using apples as weapons or distractions. The player then plays through the Applecliff levels and faces the Lion Tamer boss.

Billy then chases the carnival as they get onto a boat, the boat level is mainly the player staying out of sight for a certain amount of time. There is a Sea Captain boss on this level, if he is defeated, Billy is given a rare item. The boat takes Billy to Stonevale, Billy must face the Strongman boss here.

The player must then sneak onto the carnival's plane, the player has several ways of getting onto the plane (going in with luggage, stealing/begging for money, etc.). Once on, Billy gets knocked out and wakes up on a space ship. This is where Billy must make his way through it and find the Ringleader. This is the last boss, once the Ringleader is defeated, the game is completed.

Controls Edit

  • The control scheme is ambidexrous and can be changed with an option to swap the movement keys with the action buttons, allowing left-handed people to play in a way that may suit their style more.
  • Jumping is automatic when Billy goes over a jumpable gap.

Controlscheme v2

Button Action
Directional Pad


  • These keys allow Billy to move about the game world.
  • Pressing up moves him up, left moves him left and so on.
  • Movement is unrestricted unless Billy hits a wall.
  • Movement can be changed through the environment, like icy floors.
L and R


  • Holding down either of these buttons allows Billy to Sneak.
  • Sneaking benefits Billy in that he cannot be heard by guards while sneaking.
  • Best used in stealth levels.

  • This button allows Billy to evade enemies and sprint out of their range.
  • Can be useful in boss battles.
  • Shortens travel time.

Cycle through items

  • The A button allows Billy to cycle through the weapons and utility items currently available to him.
  • This allows Billy to change his strategy on the fly!
  • Billy can change tactic from using his BB Gun to stealthily using Bubblegum without breaking the game rhythm.
X Currently unused.

Use Selected Item

  • Y commands Billy to use the current item selected by A.
  • For example, if Billy has his BB Gun selected, it will use up one ammo and shoot the gun.


  • Pressing START stops the game and brings up the PAUSE Menu.
  • Best used if the player wishes to take a break from playing or if the player wishes to quit.
SELECT Currently unused.

Powerups Edit

Picture Powerup Description


  • When invincible, Billy cannot be hurt by enemies in any way. However, Billy can still be transported and frozen in place.
  • Lasts 15 seconds.

Infinite Ammo

  • This Powerup only appears when Billy has aquired the BB Gun in any way
  • Billy's BB Gun has infinite ammo while this Powerup is active.
  • If Billy has the non-permanent BB Gun, this sets that BB Gun's ammo to maximum and allows for infinite shots until the timer runs out.
  • Lasts 40 seconds.


  • While invisible, Billy cannot be seen by enemies. Superguards can still see him however. Lasts 60 seconds.

Weapons and Item Edit

Picture (as seen ingame) Name and Description of Pickup

Slingshot (permanent) (weapon)

  • Unlimited ammunition
  • Always in Billy's inventory
  • Takes away 1 Enemy Health.

Spud Gun (permanent) (weapon)

  • Billy can upgrade to a Spud Gun from the Slingshot after he has certain items
  • Takes away 2 Enemy Health but it closer range and slower .

BB Gun (permanent) (weapon)

  • This BB Gun lasts forever and is a permanent staple in Billy's inventory.
  • The BB Gun is used to defeat enemies.
  • It takes away 2 Enemy Health with each shot that hits.
  • When Billy picks up the temporary BB Gun, it adds ammunition to this BB Gun.

Bouncy Balls (weapon)

  • Take off 1 Health
  • Have a chance to bounce around and hit the enemy again, or other nearby enemies.
  • There is a limited supply.

Apple (utility)

  • Can be thrown at an enemy to take off 1 Health
  • Can also be left out for guards to eat as a distraction.

Bubblegum (utility)

  • The Bubblegum adds to Billy's Bubblegum storage.
  • Bubblegum can be used to stick guards into place.

Sleeping Potion (utility)

  • Very rare.
  • Can permanently knock out a guard.
Heart Big

Heart (restoration)

  • The heart restores one point of Health for Billy, allowing him another hit before he must restart the level from the last checkpoint.
Heart Container

Heart Containers (restoration)

  • This special container adds an extra hit to Billy's heart tally! In addition, it refills his hearts. One of these is available per level and they are nearly always in very hard to reach places. Some heart containers are in Billy's main path allowing general health progression throughout the game.

Puzzles Edit

Levels Edit

Casterdale icon
  • Escapes carnival and sees that he and his friends are reported missing
  • Goes home and grabs supplies
  • Infiltrate circus, and rescue two kids
  • Face King Clown Boss
Caravanchase icon
  • Returns to circus to see it is leaving
  • Must chase them and save friend
  • Is on bike and must avoid objects being thrown off caravan.
  • Rescue another friend.
Applecliff icon
  • Gathers apples to eat and use against enemies (tutorial)
  • Spud Gun becomes an available upgrade
  • Goes into carnival, to rescue another 3 friends
  • Faces the Lion Tamer boss.
Boatchase icon
  • Must make it onto the boat, has a certain time limit to sneak on.
  • Once on he must avoid being seen
  • Rescue 2 friends
  • Optional Boat Captain Boss, will give rare item if beaten
Stonevale icon
  • BB Gun becomes an available upgrade
  • Must rescue a further 4 kids from the carnival
  • Faces the Strongman boss
Planechase icon
  • Must sneak through airport and find a way onto the plane
  • Once he is on, he is found and kocked out.
Moon icon
  • Wakes up on spaceship
  • He must find his way through and onto the moon
  • Faces final boss, the Ringleader

Level Flow Chart Edit


Characters Edit


'Billy' has a default 3 hearts at the beginning of the game and, as the game progresses, he can find Heath Containers hidden within levels to increase his hearts. Billy is controlled by the player.

Name Description and Details


  • Health: 1
  • The janitor walks slowly towards Billy and is very easily defeated.
  • When close, the Janitor attempts to hit Billy with his broom.
  • Does 1 Health damage to Billy.

Food Vendor

  • Health: 2
  • The food vendor throws tomatoes at Billy when in range.
  • Short ranged.
  • If Billy is hit with too many tomatoes in succession (for instance if the Food Vendor's corner him), Billy turns red and becomes slowed for 6 seconds.
Trainee Clown
  • Health: 3
  • The trainee clown throws balls that slightly arc at Billy.
  • First encountered in King Clown's boss level.
  • These enemies appear in every level after Casterdale.
Trainee Lion Tamer
  • Health: 3
  • Slowly walks to Billy and when close enough attempts to whip him.
  • First encounted at Applecliff.
Ride Operator
  • Health: 6
  • Attacks with wrench.
  • Rarely hits, but does significant damage when they do.
  • Will not engage in battle unless attacked first, though will call security if they see you.
  • Health: 8
  • Attacks with cards, ranged.
  • Can also disappear and reappear (usually when health is getting low).
  • Appear in Applecliff and Stonevale, and are less common.
  • Health: 10
  • Attacks with flashlight.
  • Does moderate damage, usually travel in two or more in Applecliff and higher levels.
  • Increase in numbers as the Billy progresses.
  • Health: 12
  • Attack by punching.
  • Does moderate to high damage and only travel in twos.
  • Only appear on the Moon.
Lesser Minions
  • Health: 1
  • Do not attack, just walk into Billy
  • Does low damage.
  • Only appear in the Ringleader boss battle.
Boss Name Description
King Clown

Health: 8

Damage: Balls: 2; 3 if Billy walks into King Clown

Behaviour: Defeat 2 Trainee Clowns and when they are defeated, King Clown jumps down and engages Billy. He jumps up and moves towards Billy, showing his shadow which shows where he is going to land. After landing, King Clown sits for 5 seconds to recouperate, allowing Billy to land a hit. If Billy doesn't hit King Clown in that time, King Clown throws three (3) juggling balls at Billy that Billy must run from.

Lion Tamer + Lion

Health: Lion: 10; Tamer: 4

Damage: Lion: 3; Tamer: 2

Behaviour: As the battle takes place in an arena, the Tamer patrols the edges of the arena attempting to whip Billy occasionally. If Billy stays in one spot for too long, the Tamer attempts to whip him. The Tamer has a constant arrowhead on the edge of the screen showing where he is at all times while he is off-screen. The Tamer is unable to be harmed in this state.

Lion attempts to pounce on Billy, the Lion needs to take 3 seconds before each pounce to prepare. If the Lion fails the pounce, slide for 2 seconds and then run away from Billy. After the Lion loses 3 health, the Lion pounces an additional time.

When the Lion is defeated, the Tamer jumps into the ring to take on Billy, but can be easily defeated as he has little health. He simply runs towards Billy occasionally using his whip. When the Tamer uses his whip, he stops. When the Tamer is bringing his whip back, this is the perfect time for Billy to attack.

The Strong Man

Health: 16

Damage: Charge: 5; Rock: 2-3

Behaviour: Charges towards Billy. If Billy is hit while The Strong Man is charging, he gets knocked back and, on landing, is stunned for 1 second. When The Strong Man's charge hits a wall, the room shakes and sometimes (30% chance) a stone falls down off a roof above. The Strong Man falls on his bottom when he hits the wall and shakes his head to get rid of the stars. If a rock falls down, The Strong Man throws this rock at Billy and, if Billy is hit by the rock, immediately charges at him again.

The Ringleader Ringleader

Health: Lesser Minion: 1; The Ringleader: 20

Damage: Lesser Minion: 1; The Ringleader: varies

Behaviour: When Billy initially finds the Ringleader, the Ringleader is in a meditative state and nothing happens until Billy hits the Ringleader. When this happens, the game goes into an in-game cutscene of the Ringleader being angry and summoning 4 Lesser Minions. The Ringleader vanishes. After defeating the Lesser Minions, The Ringleader reappears in the middle of the room and shoots in a circle with a small opening which Billy must stand in to avoid being hurt. In this break, Billy may attack the Ringleader. This continues until a certain amount of health is lost at which point the Ringleader adopts previous bosses' behaviours:

At 13 Health: Summons 6 Lesser Minions, adopts King Clown's behaviour, except only pausing for 3 seconds.
Damage: 3; 5 and Knockback if collide with Boss.

At 7 Health: Summons 8 Lesser Minions, two in each corner and adopts The Strong Man's behaviour. Stones always fall after charging and throws two (2) stones.
Damage: Charge 6; Stone: 4; 5 and Knockback if collide with Boss.

At 5 Health: Goes crazy with rage and charges at Billy shooting three (3) purple balls of energy at frequent intervals.
Damage: Each ball of energy: 3; 5 and Knockback if collide with Boss.

Technical Edit

Game Physics Edit

  • The player character moves at a set pace whenever a direction button is pressed. He can move behind the tops of objects that are high. If Billy is hit in combat, he is knocked back a slight way. If he walks into or collides with a boss, he is knocked back considerably. Movement on ladders and steps will slow down Billy to half speed. Enemy AI and physics are explained in their description.
  • Bouncy balls bounce off of all objects.
  • Every other projectile flies and falls upon impact.
  • Applies break upon impact.

Feature Listing Edit

Fun for ALL Ages Edit

Karnival Kidnap is a game that is fun for everyone. Seriously. It's not just a game that is most enjoyed by teens and kids but adults can bare it too. The game is as deep as it is simple. Game references and nostalgic gameplay are waiting for you inside!

Visuals and Sound Edit

Art Style Edit

The art style of Karnival Kidnap is very childish and cartoony. The colours are very simple and bright. Each level has it's own colour scheme, depending on the mood and feel of each level. Casterdale has warm/hot colours like orange and yellow, Applecliff has cool colours, like greens and bright blue, Stonevale has cold colours like greys and blues and the Moon level consists of dark colours, like black, grey and dark blue.

The three primary colours of each level are:

Casterdale colours
Applecliff colours
Stonevale colours
Moon colours

Cinematics Edit

The cinematics will be delivered in a comic book style format. They will appear when an important part of the story is happening. The cinematics are not pre-rendered with exception to the beginning and final sequences. At the beginning of each level, there is a short cinematic where Billy realises where the caravan is going now.

Sound and MusicEdit

The game will feature a predominantly circus-style soundtrack with vastly different remixes of The March of the Gladiators (a musical march song which was originally conceived for a march for Soldiers, but is now more commonly related to the circus.)

Each item will have its own sounds, the slingshot will have a "thwok" sound as the pellets are fired. Billy's jump sound will be sampled sound from someone jumping off a gravel track.

Flow Charts Edit

Interface Flow Chart Edit

Interface Flow Chart

Level Flow Chart Edit

Level Flow

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